Start the Year by Creating Vision Boards as a Family

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As we start the year, we have the opportunity to take an inventory of our habits and make decisions and possible changes. Take some time to consider your values, your family, and your goals.

A wonderful way to start is to create a vision for yourself and your family, a vision that makes you feel at peace, empowered, and hopeful.

The human brain is wired to make us feel happier when we are taking action towards meaningful goals, and when we are making choices rather than feeling forced to act. Creating a vision board allows us to focus on the things we care most about, think about our dreams, and imagine the future we desire for ourselves and our families. When we look at our vision board every day, and actively choose to work towards those goals, the results have a lasting positive impact. That positivity radiates throughout our interactions in our day to day lives, ultimately helping us be better caregivers to those who depend on us.

Why is a vision board important? Your brain must filter through so much stimuli each moment of the day. If we noticed everything we would be overwhelmed constantly. OUr brain is wired to notice things that impact our survival – basically, we notice the danger, or things that could develop into danger. If we want to do more than survive, we have to tell our brain what to notice, so that it becomes part of our reality.

For example: When you’re thinking about buying a car, you start to see that car on the road all the time. That’s not because there are more of those cars out there now that you want one – it’s because you told your brain it was important.

Your brain will do the work for you, you just have to tell it what you want. Do this activity with your whole family. Everyone make their own boards, then share them with each other. Spend the afternoon together building individual visions, and share them with each other. Get to know your children, learn more about their hopes and dreams, create a bond that you can continue connecting over for the next year while you support each other to reach your individual and family goals.


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