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On my Podcast, Mental Wealth, I share insights and my own experience with generational trauma and leave a new legacy for our kids.

Generational trauma is the concept that family histories come with more than genetics and positive traditions, but also we inherit habits and relational patters of trauma. Without even realizing it, we are bringing forward and passing down these traumatic experiences and our children continue to reenact them in the next generation. Most of us may not even be aware of the traumas that our parents went through, or their parents, we try to hide them, protect our kids from knowing about difficult realities within our families.

Ironically, the pushing down, or secrecy, actually perpetuates the cycle.

​It’s up to every adult, especially parents, to heal from the wounds of our childhoods. We’re all doing our best with what we have, but we’re all (unhealed) hurt people trying to raise healthy new people… This podcast, is about the challenges and rewards of healing our history to stop the cycle, and how to leave a new legacy.

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