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Licensed Master Social WOrker

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Everyone is doing their best with the information they have and therapy is one of the ways to gain perspective and tools to better navigate life’s challenges and transitions. Change and growth can be uncomfortable and overwhelming, so I value your whole self and meet you where you are. You matter most when it comes to your healing, and I believe in providing an emotionally safe space for you to process thoughts and restore healing. You are the expert on your own life and I want to empower autonomy in your change.

As a mother, I have a passion for working with children and parents. The parent child relationship is key to mental and physical well being in families, I am here to help you form meaningful connections with your child, partner with you to help them, and empower you to lead them through life with strength and confidence.

I utilize a combination of approaches and modalities to help you develop and build on the skills you already use to manage and cope with trauma, anxiety, depression, and life transitions including using strength based approach, focusing on unconditional positive regard, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and mindfulness practices.

I graduated from Indiana State University with my Bachelors in Secondary English Teaching and after some career exploration as a high school teacher and intellectual disabilities professional, went on to get my Masters in Social Work, and receiving my license as a Licensed Master Social Worker. I have years of both professional and lived experience in the mental health and addiction fields. My areas of speciality are dissociation, addictions, anger management, and mood/personality challenges.

​I want to help you find your sense of safety and connection to thrive in the present moment and move through your future with grace and confidence.

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