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Welcome to Benavieri Counseling & Coaching

Exceptional therapy, exceptional care

At Benavieri Counseling, we believe in delivering exceptional care that transforms lives. Founded on a groundbreaking vision of mental health, we specialize in treating children while engaging parents in a profound and supportive manner. 

Our founder, Laura, has revolutionized mental health care with a deeply specialized approach encompassing attachment trauma, complex PTSD, dissociation, and intergenerational trauma.

Why Choose Benavieri Counseling?

Specialized Expertise

We’re not just another therapy practice. Our founder, Laura, has dedicated her career to understanding and treating the complexities of attachment trauma, complex PTSD, and related developmental issues.

Every therapist at Benavieri Counseling is meticulously trained and supervised by Laura, ensuring you receive the highest quality of care.

proven treatment model

Our therapeutic model has been refined through years of experience, peer-reviewed publications, and successful outcomes.

We’ve carefully designed an approach that involves integrating parents into the therapeutic process, supporting them in understanding and addressing their own challenges to become more effective parents.

tailored treatment plans

Every client at Benavieri Counseling receives a personalized treatment plan, designed by our experienced team under the direct guidance of Laura.

Our holistic approach considers individual needs, ensuring the most effective and comprehensive care possible.

Unparalleled Dedication

We’re deeply committed to your success and well-being. Our therapists undergo rigorous training and receive weekly consultations and supervision, reviewing each case to ensure our treatment is nothing short of exceptional. Your progress and comfort matter to us.

Bridging generational gaps

By addressing intergenerational trauma, we break the cycle and create healthier family dynamics. Our approach empowers parents to not only understand their child’s struggles but to work through their own challenges, fostering a home environment that supports healing and growth.

Join Our Community for a Journey of Transformation

At Benavieri Counseling, we’re more than just therapists; we’re partners in your journey towards healing and growth. With an unwavering dedication to providing the highest standard of care, we invite you to experience the transformative power of our specialized approach.

Discover the difference personalized, expert-guided therapy can make. Let’s walk this path of healing together.